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Ruler Height Chart DIY

Ruler Height Chart DIY
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Synopsis: Make your own height chart, no measuring involved!

When I was little, every year, my mother would mark our heights on the door jamb. It was just a little mark with a pen and date, so my brother and I could see how much we grew in just one year. I loved the idea, and always knew when I had kids I would want to do the same. But, my parents have lived in their house for 35 years. We've moved a lot since our daughter was born, so it didn't seem possible for us. Until, I saw this ruler height chart decal on Beautifulwalldecals.com ! I could make my very own, professional looking height chart, that I didn't have to hide in a door jamb. And the best part is that we can take it with us the next time we move.


In just a few simple steps, I had a perfectly measured out, functional statement piece for our daughter's room.  Here's how!



Wood board - Mine was 8' x 10" x 1". When purchasing (I just got this one at Lowe's) make sure the board looks nice and isn't warped.

Ruler Height Chart Decal - You can even personalize for free with your last name and order it in any color you like.  I chose Black 70 for mine.  

Wood Stain - Any color you like

Paper Towel - Unless you want to get super professional and use a sponge or rag to apply to your stain. I find a paper towel works just fine.

Sandpaper - if necessary




Step 1:

Sand any rough spots on the board if necessary. 


Step 2: 

Stain your board according to the directions on the can.  I just did one coat, with a touch up here and there. I didn't want it to be too dark so that my black letters would stand out. Let it dry completely. 


Step 3: 

Apply your decal!  This is great, because everything is all measured out for you.  You just cut it up, line it up and peel and rub! Beautiful Wall Decals will send you detailed installation instructions and an installation tool, so you can't get it wrong. 


Now you're ready to hang your new Height Chart!  You can mark your kids' height however you choose, with a Sharpie or a paint pen, or even a sticker or rhinestone. I would recommend different colors for each child, and don't forget to add the date and/or their age!  







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