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Blogger Review- Birdcage & Birds Laptop Decal

Blogger Review- Birdcage & Birds Laptop Decal
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Synopsis: This blogger reviews our lovely laptop decals!

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Ever seen a beautiful wall display and thought to yourself. "Wow, they have major talent. How did they get that so perfect?". Well 9 times out of 10 they didn't do anything but put it on the wall and a company like Beautiful Wall Decals made it for them. That's right, it's not painted on their wall at all, it's a decal. I was surprised too. I do have a whole bunch of skill but that takes a huge amount of time, patience, and stress that you do not need to have waited. That's where Beautiful Wall Decals comes to save your space and time.

Not only do they make wonderful wall decals  but laptop skins too. My laptop was so boring and needed some spice from the moment I got it. I had searched and searched but couldn't find what I was looking for until I cam across the Birdcage and Birdies Laptop Skin by Beautiful Wall Decals. It is right up my ally and you can even choose what colors you would like to use. That means each and every decal made is custom just for you. No mass produced. In turn only providing you with the best quality. I love this decal and it was very easy to apply. See images below for a sneak peek. I did however, change up the style a bit for even more customization. This decal is not one that is applied by static like the "Fat Head" decals. It is applied very carefully and is made to stay in place. I did need to adjust mine a bit which I do not recommend simply because you can really mess up the decal if you do not know what your doing. The Birdcage & Birdies Laptop Skin turned out perfectly and is exactly what I had been waiting for!! They even included a fun snowman decal for me to practice on before I got started!!

Beautiful Wall Decals only uses the highest quality vinyl available on the market. Their decals are cut, not printed, so they look painted on your wall with no clear backing. They have several thousand products to choose from, and take a lot of pride in what we do! Shipping is free everywhere in the United States on any size order, and they even include a free decal in every order to practice with. 



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