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"Go Owl Out" Nightstand Makeover

"Go Owl Out" Nightstand Makeover
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Synopsis: Whooooo made that cute nightstand? You did! All you need is a decal and some paint to update that garage sale find.

Kids change their minds a lot as they grow up. It can be exhausting.. and expensive when it comes to their room decor! What was Hello Kitty one day, is suddenly way uncool the next day. How to cope without breaking your budget? A little paint and some help from Beautiful Wall Decals!

So when my tween daughter decided her room was boooorrring (again), I came up with a fun project we could do together. I told her we were going to "funk-ify" her nightstand and let her choose a design from Beautiful Wall Decals. She chose this adorable owl, and we used it as a stencil to decorate her nightstand! Her nightstand was from a garage sale, so it needed some sanding to prepare for the new layers of paint. So, of course, I let my daughter do that part.

Once that was done, we decided where we wanted her little owl. We painted that part in yellow where the owl was going to go. Once it dried completely, she applied the decal. Then we painted over the entire dresser with a fun green color that matched her bedspread. After everything was dry, all she had to do was peel off the decal to reveal her owl. All of a sudden we had a masterpiece on our hands, and no artistic ability was necessary! The best part is, in a few years (weeks?) when she's ready for something new, we can just do it all over again.  Since Beautiful Wall Decals has so many choices, we'll always be able to find something she likes!  

What will you update? Pick out some artsy decals and get creative!

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