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Paisley Stair Transformation

Paisley Stair Transformation
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Make your stairs extra special with this easy decal transformation ! 

What is something in your house that you use everyday, but you barely look at?  Your stairs!  You can fix that in no time, like one of our customers did when she got new flooring.  Check out Erin's easy DIY makeover, then take a look at your stairs and let your imagination run wild. 

When I got new flooring, I realized my stairs needed a little pick me up to match my gorgeous new floor.  I painted the risers in Raisin, but something was still missing.  Beautiful Wall Decals to the rescue!  They have so many designs to choose from for just such a project, and 63 different colors, so I knew I could customize my stairs to match the rest of my house.  

I chose some lively paisley decals to brighten up my stairs.  I ordered 4 sheets of them so I could cover my stairs and choose 4 different colors.  

They came in sheets, so I cut them apart so I could apply them wherever I like.  I trimmed them up a little too as I began to apply them on the stairs, because I wanted it to look like wallpaper, with some of them going off the edge.  

 I was done in no time, thanks to the detailed instructions and installation tool they sent me with my order. Everyone always comments on how unique my stairs look, and I couldn't be happier with the way they turned out.  


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