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Blogger Review- Marilyn Monroe Decal

Blogger Review- Marilyn Monroe Decal
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Synopsis: A great inspiring quote from Marilyn Monroe is reviewed by this blogger

Have you wanted to redo your homes design and look for a fraction of the cost? If so, Beautiful Wall Decals may be the solution. They have several thousand decals for you to choose from and they really take pride in the quality of their products. In fact, when you install them they will look like they have been painted on your wall since they are cut versus printed and have no clear backing. The best part is not only are Beautiful Wall Decals the highest quality vinyl decals on the market but they also ship free anywhere in the United States. Furthermore, every order includes a free decal so you can practice before putting up your actual decals.

My Review

Beautiful Wall Decals

If you have been reading my blog for a while you know that I have had the pleasure of being able to review a few different decal companies. However, I must say that Beautiful Wall Decals has the largest selection of decals that I have seen to date. In fact, when trying to decide which decal I wanted to review it took me some time because there are just so many options available on the site that caught my eye. Anyways the decal that I ended up deciding on is called Imperfection Beauty. I thought the quote was very cute and it would fit into my downstairs hallway lovely. Well, guess what I was right.

I had my significant other install the decal in the hallway and the process was very easy for him and it looked great. In my opinion the decal really does look like it is painted on my wall. Overall, I am pleased with the quality of the decal and it did not take long for it to arrive to my home either. Also, based on the quality of the decals I have to say that the price that they charge for them are affordable. With Christmas approaching rapidly this could even make a great Christmas gift for someone. You know how I am with my unique Christmas gifts lol.

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