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DIY Wine Glass Chandelier

DIY Wine Glass Chandelier
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Turn an unloved light fixture into a dazzling display piece with just wine glasses and wire!


Our light fixture, shown above, definitely needed an update.  Don't you agree?  I didn't like the look and it didn't give off that much light, anyway. It was dangling from a 20' ceiling, so to change the entire light fixture would not be fun.  But you know what is fun?  Wine and sparkly glass!  

Step 1 Strip down your light fixture.  We removed the glass bowl and the bowl supports, leaving the bulbs and housing intact. You still want it to light up!  We wrapped the white fixture in silver vinyl (we are a decal company.... got to get that in there somewhere!) to make it disappear. You could skip the vinyl and paint it or just leave it the way it is. You won't really see it once the glasses are in place. 

Step 2 Collect wine glasses!  Or.. try not be embarrassed by the amount of wine glasses you aleady have lying around. Thrift stores, garage sales, and of course Craigslist, are great places to look. Make sure to run all those glasses through the dishwasher, because those smudges will show up really nicely when the light hits them.

This is our wine cellar that my hubby hand built. We put in the wine glass chandelier when we built it about 5 years ago, and haven't lost a single glass from it. We created that one using a $9 single bulb fixture from Lowes and put an Edison bulb in the middle. Talk about bang for your buck!


Step 3:Start wiring up those glasses!  Cut some lengths of wire (we used 17 gauge).  Wrap one end around the stem of one the glasses, then thread the wire through the ring at the top of the housing.  Attach another wine glass on the other end of the wire.  Use one of a similar size to the first one, so they balance each other.  Keep going, with different lengths of wire until you're happy with the way it looks.  Make sure to take a look at it from different viewpoints in the house to be sure it looks full and beautiful from every angle.  




Now that you're all done, light it up and admire your work!  Clear bulbs look best.  
All in all this project, just took us a couple hours and zero dollars, since we used things we already had.  We even used the bowl and supports from the old light fixture to make a bird bath!   
Now the birds are happy, I freed up some cabinet space by clearing out the wine glasses, and most importantly the kitchen is brighter and much more beautiful.  

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