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DIY Weekly Menu Project

DIY Weekly Menu Project
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Create a stylish, reusable weekly menu for your kitchen in just a few minutes! 

"What's for dinner?!"   Sound familiar?  Whether it's your family complaining, or your exasperated cries when dinner time rolls around, you know it all too well.  Menu planning is the number one way to save not only money and time at the grocery store, but also to save your sanity!  Just check the board, and everyone will know what's for dinner.  

You can make your own dry erase menu board for your kitchen.  It takes no time at all, and is especially easy using our Weekly Menu Decal.  



*Frame - The one I used here was 11 x 17"

*Weekly Menu Decal - I used the smallest size (12 x 11.5")

*Pretty fabric or paper for the background


*Expo Marker- for writing on it!


Step 1: Cut your fabric or paper to size.  I used fabric for mine.  Take the back out of your frame and lay it on top of the fabric to get an estimate of the size you will need.

Step 2: Put your fabric on top of the frame back and reinsert the back into the frame, securing the tabs. 

Step 3: Cut apart your decal if necessary and lay on top of the frame glass.  I arranged mine a little differently to fit my frame. Once you are happy with your layout, you can apply the decals directly on the glass.  Simply peel off the backing, rub the decal down onto the glass, and then slowly peel back the transfer paper on top.  

Step 3: Decide where you want to hang your snazzy new menu planner!  I attached velcro strips to the back of my frame and my fridge.  That way i can remove it if I want to use it at the kitchen table while I'm menu planning, or if I want to change out the fabric for a different look.  

Now you and your family can always tell what's for dinner.  If only grocery shopping were this easy!

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