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New FREE Decal!

New FREE Decal!
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Have you heard the latest buzz about our FREE decal dots? Read more!

What is it about the word "Free" that gets everyone so excited? Most of the time the "free" item you get is riddled with hidden fees, sneaky ways of getting your information, or just simply not worth it. Well here at Beautiful Wall Decals, we want you to get excited about free stuff! After all, we do a lot of giving!


Not to bore you, but a short list of some of our FREE things are:



The very last one in that list is what I'd like to mention today. We always give out a decal with every order that goes out our door and we change it up seasonally. Recently, we've cast off the spring birds and the "family" word. We are embracing the new spunky summer dots we're offering!


We've also upped the ante. We are going to give you two packs of dots in every order in two differing colors, and you can pick the style that you want! 


We gave these out to some of our employees to see what they would do with them, and they had some great ideas- check out the photos below for some awesome inspiration!


Which style do you prefer?


Our Uniform dots look stunning on a dollar-store vase. Classy and affordable!


Make dice! Cut down a fence post, sand, apply dots and stain- once stain has set remove the dots to leave the original wood-grain color for stunning dice you can play outdoor games with!

Make dice! Cut down a fence post, sand, stain or paint and then apply dots for a slightly simpler project


Simple mixed dots on a kitchen aid adds a funky touch to an otherwise bland appliance


What do you think? Where would you put them? Don't forget to pick your style by going to our website HERE. Like I said, these will come free in every order through the summer, but you can also order them for free (and pay only shipping) by checking out with only these in your basket. We hope you love them! Be sure to share with us how you used them!

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