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Gift Guide 2013

Gift Guide 2013
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Synopsis: Our handy gift guide- for even the most picky person on your list this holiday season. :)

he Holidays are here! Thanksgiving is behind us and soon the smell of peppermint and hot chocolate will fill the air. With the Holiday season comes snow ball fights, family get-togethers, and unfortunately the stress of finding the perfect gift for everyone on your list. Of course a few presents will come easily, little Johnny wants a football and your mom just wants another picture of the family, but what about the others? What about the people who are never quite satisfied with their Holiday haul, or who already own every product known to man? Those are the ones that give you headaches.

Never fear! Beautiful Wall Designs has you covered. We’ve compiled our 2013 gift giving guide to help you find the perfect present for the pickiest person on your list (and maybe a few of the not so picky ones)

1. While there are a few things that you should never engrave someone’s name on, in general you can never go wrong with a personalized gift. Personalized gifts show that you really care about the person, so much so that you went the extra mile to have their name, anniversary, or even face put onto a normally bland product. We LOVE creating personalized decals for you – here are our favorites!

Grown Ups:

Family Name Established: ladies love established-years. Not all ladies, granted, but this decal has been given 4 stars for a reason, it ties together your family, slaps a date on it and boom- awesome personal home decor in a jiff. Show her you not only know the year you guys tied the knot, but that you know your last name- it will be wondrous. Just don't mess it up.


Last Name Established: This is exactly the same as the one above, (they’re really popular) it’s just another of our favorites!


Find More Name, Monogram and Established Year Decals HERE.

The Little Ones:

Animal Decals: From the exotic jungle to the playful pet, our decals put smiles on everyone's faces. Kids will love seeing their favorite dinosaur, cuddly hamsters, or a fierce cheetah on the wall in their bedroom or play room. Our decals are so easy to install that they can even have fun helping mom or dad put it up!

Monkey Branch


Discover more animals Here.

Name Decals: Kids love to stamp their name on everything (or in my case carve my name into my neighbors front door and my dad's truck at 5). They love identifying their own name, if you stamp it on their door or bedroom they will be over the moon. This category HERE has a ton of decals, many aimed just for your kiddos. This one too.

Browse all of our height charts Here.

New Families and Family Additions:

Who doesn’t know someone who got married recently or who just brought a beautiful new addition to the family? I’d bet that most of you have, and the holidays can be a bit drab for those people. They always receive the traditional gifts: a new toaster, a framed picture from their wedding day, a onesie or baby shoes. This year, think outside the box – try our vintage prints! They’re super cute, and are a great touch to their new space, and your present will stand out among all the baby bottles and Champaign glasses.

Vintage Wedding Prints: Ok, so this is kind of the same as a picture from the wedding – except its way cooler! Just tell us the details of the wedding: date, city, venue, and names (you might just have to do some digging around). These prints are perfect as a gorgeous home decor piece with a personal flair. See? Way cooler than a normal picture:


Baby Vintage Prints: Our stork print adds a cute, vintage edge for a newborn’s room. You get to customize it with the baby’s first name and the date of birth! This print blows any other baby decorations out of the water.

2. Our top 5 best sellers- they've gotta be good, right?

Life is Not Measured- go on, keep breathing... breath is good! Live life to the fullest, always!


Family Where Life Begins- this super sweet sentiment is adorable around family photos or displayed prominently in a place where everyone can be reminded that family is number one. Especially your awesome group of misfits.


Blossom Tree – The trees are always popular, and this is one of our favorite! We love them mixed with family photos like this. The tree is the main color, then the flowers and leaves are in a second color. Add an optional color for the flowers and really add some color to your walls.

Dots & Circles- best sellers every year, these babies are super easy to add to any flat surface. Mix and match your colors for a gloriously dotty extravaganza!


Hint: This is another great one for kids!

That’s it! Our easy gift guide for everyone on your list that is impossible to mess up (we believe in you, you can do this!). Our customer service is waiting for your call to help with all of your ordering, design, and installation (plus anything else you might be confused about) questions. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Want a more interactive present, or just can’t wait for Christmas? Count down to the holidays (and their face of joy when they see your thoughtful gift) with our awesome DIY Chalkboard Count-down project HERE.

From all of us here at Beautiful Wall Decals – Happy Holidays!

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