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FREE Decals for a Limited Time!

FREE Decals for a Limited Time!
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Synopsis: for a limited time only we are offering a FREE decal with every purchase over $100- hurry, it is only while quantities last!

Hurry hurry! We've got a super awesome new deal that you really don't want to miss out on! Completely FREE decals.


You read that right- free decals. 100% totally free. The catch? There really isn't one. 


To qualify all you need to do is order $100 or more in product on our site, which is surprisingly easy with our beautiful decals. No code, no comments or follow-up, nothing- we will just send you a decal, free, when you order $100 in product. Easy. Hurry, though, as this give-away will end when we run out of our stock of free decals to give out!



What's more? The decal is our choice, but we promise it is at least $20- and often they will be up to $100. 


Okay, but what happens if you get something that doesn't work in your space? No problem- you got it free, so pass it on... give it as a gift, donate it to charity or even cut it up and use it in some other project. 


*decals that are given free can not be returned or exchanged. The value will vary depending on the product that we provide- we do not guarantee anything. We have the right to end the give-away at any time for any reason. Follow us on facebook for more information about sales and give-aways. $100 is calculated as the total final amount after coupons/etc. are taken out- not including shipping. 


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