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Family Window Craft Project

Family Window Craft Project
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Using old windows in craft projects has become a new trend. We decided to makeover an old window into hangable art using family photos and a decal. Read how we did it!

Hi Beautiful Wall Decals fans! A big trend in crafting it now taking old windows and turning them into art. We decided to give it a try with this craft and we think you'll love it just as much as we do! 



Cute, huh? Want to know how you can make it? All you need is: an old window, the decal of your choice from Beautiful Wall Decals, some family photos, and adhesive dots. If you're painting your window you'll also need fine-grain sandpaper, acrylic paint in the color of your choice, painter's tape, newspaper (to prevent dripping), and a paintbrush. We found our window in black, so we didn't paint it, but all you'd have to do is give the frame a once-over with sandpaper, dust it off, cover your space with newspaper, tape the glass around the frames, and give it two good coats of whatever acrylic paint color you'd like. Let it dry well before continuing with the craft!

Once your window is painted (or not painted), all you need to do is... 

  1. Gather your supplies. Pull out the photos you want to use, get copies of them made, or print them off on photo-quality paper.
  2. Wipe down your glass with Windex and a soft cloth. Wait for the glass to dry completely.
  3. Cut around the decal as close as you can. Lay it and the photos out on your glass and arrange them how you'd like. 
  4. Once you decide where you want everything, peel off the backing paper on the decal and apply it to your glass where you want it. Rub it all over with the installation tool included in the box and peel back the application tape.
  5. Once the decal is applied, put a few adhesive dots on the back of your photos and stick them onto the glass where you'd like them. This way, you can swap them out later with new pictures if you want!




Cute, right? It took all of five minutes to put together, too. There's so many ways to tailor this project to be exactly what you want. You can get a Christmas decal and put up photos of your kids with Santa. You could ditch the photos completely and put a bigger design on the glass. You could put a monogram with your family name on it up there, too! We love this craft and have so many ideas for it! What do you guys think? Would you hang this, or something similar, up in your home? 

Until next time, Beautiful Wall Decals fans! Remember...your walls should make you smile!

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