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Dreamy Damask

Dreamy Damask
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Synopsis: If you've been eyeing the damask pattern (virtually everywhere), you are going to love this blog!

I’m going to break down and confess something, readers. I have an obsession. It’s a problem. My mother’s even noticed. No, it’s not with Pinterest or Facebook or even chocolate.  I love the damask pattern. I am completely and truly obsessed. I have this pattern on my walls, on my sheets, even on my furniture…courtesy of Beautiful Wall Decals, of course!  Then I thought, why not write about it? Why not tell people how versatile and pretty and awesome this pattern looks just about everywhere? Why not, right? So here we go!

If go big or go home is your mantra in life, these will be for you! These damask groupings allow you to get multiple panels and apply them all over one wall. These are a great alternative to painting one wall a bold color to create an accent wall. Just apply an entire wall of these instead! You can get exactly the color you want and create something beautiful and eye-catching.  Most of all this is unique. No one you know will have an accent wall filled with this beautiful and delicate pattern. You also don’t have to worry about what you’ll hang on your bright-colored wall to match without clashing. Also, getting rid of these is a snap compared to re-painting over brick red or mustard yellow! Trust me from experience on this one.

This is a border design. You can, of course, apply it along the top or bottom edges of walls like a traditional border. Or you could do a horizontal or vertical stripe of these to add interest to blank wall. Either way you decide to use this design, you can get it in a rainbow of colors to either “pop” or blend in with your room’s colors. It is a pretty, versatile pattern that makes people look. I have this in my bedroom and everyone who comes into my bedroom compliments me on it, saying how pretty it is and how the purple color really makes the room come together. It’s delicate, gorgeous, and will make you want more damask in your life. You can do like the person from this photo did and use it to help create a visual break between colors, also!

Several HGTV television shows have featured this design making it really popular! These decals are sold in groups of four in two different heights, as well as SIX different designs! The hardest part is picking a design to get, since they’re all lovely.  I’ve seen these applied just about anywhere. I have several of them in stone gray applied to my brown-black IKEA dresser to spice it up a bit. We have a bunch in black applied to our office bathroom walls to add interest. You can even mix the differing sizes on a wall to really make it stand out! Regardless of where you use them, these decals add color and interest quickly and easily.

I love these! Even though they toe the line between a damask and paisley pattern, these bold and fun wall runners will be sure to add a “pop” to any room they go in! They look great in bright colors on pale walls for an eye-catching piece, or I’ve even seen the pattern applied to an older coffee tabletop to refresh its look. Anything goes with these. They are especially lovely when a few are applied in the same room.

But let’s talk about some other, less conventional ways you can use damask patterns…

First of all, let’s talk about decals on tiles. Putting decals on tiles is a really great way to liven up an old backsplash in a kitchen, especially if you just apply the decals to “accent” tiles!  An alternate decorating idea is to apply them to every other tile, like in our customer photo up there. This is an easy way to refresh your kitchen or bathroom and give it a funky, modern look. You can order it in any of our colors, too! So we’ll be sure to have vinyl to match your colors! You can also apply these side by side for a different kind of border look.

This is a great way to bring in damask without being overbearing. If you just want a touch of damask’s delicate influence on a room, this is one way to do it. Not only is it a gorgeous monogram, but the border makes it versatile. I’ve seen it applied to doors or glass in an entryway to give the space a bit more elegance, or to put something on a smaller wall or pillar to fill the space and not let it be so blank. But it’s really popular applied to mirrors, which you can then put anywhere!

Regardless of what damask pattern you decide to snatch up to refresh your home’s look, remember that Beautiful Wall Decals has free shipping all the time on any order amount 24/7. We’re always available to help answer any questions via e-mail and we respond within 24 hours. Our passion is, as always, helping our customers achieve a look they love for less.

Have a lovely day, and remember…life is too short to live with blank walls!

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