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Color Closeup- Our Yellows

Color Closeup- Our Yellows
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There are a lot of different shades of yellow. We have SIX! This blog is to help you compare our yellows and pick the right one for your space.

Feeling overwhelmed yet by these lengthy color descriptions? Don’t fret! Thankfully, there are only six shades of yellow to be described in this blog. Another thing to be grateful for is that there is about a 90% chance of you having the comparison items we used in your refrigerator or office! There's a lot of edible items in this blog.



In the image above, we have a lemon, some yellowish grape tomatoes, and some yellow M&Ms. The yellow-orange tomatoes are closest to our Golden Yellow (20) color, which is truly a midtone between our orange and yellow color families. It's almost spot-on. As you can see, Sunshine (19) is more muted than our Golden Yellow (20) color, however, it's much truer a yellow color than a lighter orange one. The yellow M&Ms are really close to our Light Yellow (22) color. This is the closest shade of yellow that we have to the typical priamry "yellow" shade. Our Yellow (21) color is several shades darker. In comparision, the lemon is very close to our Bright Yellow (25) color. It's almost spot-on. As you can see, though, our Maize (838) color is much lighter and paler than any of our yellow shades, closer to a midtone between our brown and yellow color families. It's a very light, peachy yellow.



In the image above, we have a ripe yellow bell pepper, a slightly (over-ripe) bananna, some candy corn, and a bright yellow birthday candle. The bright yellow birthday candle is quite true to color, since it's closest in shade to our Bright Yellow (25). It's nearly spot-on. The yellow stripe on the candy corn, though, is really a close comparision to our Yellow (21) color. It's too pale to compare to our Golden Yellow (21) color and not deep or muted enough to compare to our Sunshine (19) shade. The yellow bell pepper is right between our Yellow (21) and our Golden Yellow (20) shades, with it being closer to the Yellow (21) end of the spectrum.

Finally,  we have our bananna. It's not close to any of these yellows, really. It's kind of between Light Yellow (22) and Bright Yellow (25), but it's more muted and definitely not as bright. Again, however, none of these items are even close to our Maize (838) color. It's much lighter and paler than any of our yellow shades. It's a very light, peachy yellow.



In the image above, you can see all the items together with the colors for comparison. Unfortunately, we didn't have a good comparision item for our Maize (838) color. I really hope this helps explain our yellow shades a little better. If you want to order color samples so that you can see them in person, order them here: http://www.beautifulwalldecals.com/color-sample-card.html . You also can get a working sample on that form. You get a $5.00 gift certificate just for ordering color samples from us, so it’s win-win!

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