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Color Closeup- Our Metallics

Color Closeup- Our Metallics
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Synopsis: In this sixth color closeup, we're looking at our metallic colors. Choosing the right color can be hard, so that's why we have this handy guide to help you out!

Metallic colors are neutral and have always been a very popular choice for everything from fixtures in homes, to shoes, to colors of cars, and even home decor. Metallic colors are classy and versatile, looking great with a variety of colors in many tones and shades. So, say you want BWD to make you a decal of your favorite quote so your living room wall will really be “complete”. But what kind of a metallic color should you pick? What shade will go best with your particular wall? Have no fear, Beautiful Wall Decals is here to clear up any color crises you may have!

We have three shades of metallic colors. Let’s start with the classic Satin Gold #91. Below is a picture of our three metallic colors next to a shiny faux-gold plastic trophy and an old weathered key. As you can see in the picture, the trophy is much shinier than the Satin Gold #91 color. The Satin Gold #91 has the barest hint of a sheen and isn’t at all reflective like the trophy. The tone of gold is also much deeper. However, our Satin Gold #91 is a bit brighter than the old weathered key next to it.

In the picture below, our Satin Silver #90 is next to a typical car key and a silver-colored necklace. As you can see, our Satin Silver #90 is less reflective than both of those surfaces and slightly grayer and bluer than typical shiny silver. Our Satin Silver #90 has the quality of an old weathered nickel, darker silver with just the barest hint of sheen. 

Below is our Satin Copper #92 color next to an old weathered key, a copper necklace, and an antique copper-colored pocket watch. Our Satin Copper #92 is not as reflective as the pocket watch, but is roughly as reflective as the links on the copper chain are or the weathered key is. It has just the barest hint of sheen. Our Satin Copper #92 is roughly the same color as the weathered key but is a tone or two more brown.  As for the dark copper necklace, it is a few shades brighter than the chain’s links. This is our most popular satin metallic color and is very beautiful in person! The pocket watch is a hair more bright than Satin Copper #92, since it has more of a reddish tint to it than a brown.

In the picture below, we have included all of the items so you can compare them against our three metallic shades together.

I hope this shows you how awesome our metallic colors are and gives you the inspiration to use one of these colors in your next decal with us! If you want to order color samples so that you can see them in person, order them here: http://www.beautifulwalldecals.com/color-sample-card.html . You also can get a working sample on that form. You get a $5.00 gift certificate just for ordering color samples from us, so it’s win-win!

Just so you know, Beautiful Wall Decals always offers free shipping.  A free practice design and installation tool is also included with every order! Don’t forget that our customer service staff are available via e-mail (info@beautifulwalldecals.com) to help you out with your trickiest decal problems!

Remember… your walls should make you smile! 

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