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Color Closeup- Our Greens

Color Closeup- Our Greens
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Ever wondered which of our green colors most closely matches the colors in your home? No worries, this blog will explain our green shades!

Are you “going green” with your home’s décor and need some guidance? We’re here to help with more of our famous comparisons! Believe it or not, finding green common objects is quite the hassle. Most of what we came up with was vegetables! In this first photo, you will see our greens compared to some broccoli, green M&Ms, and the inside of a mint chocolate Oreo!

As you can see, the top part of the broccoli is actually rather close to our Forest Green (60) color. It's just a shade or two lighter. The interior of the mint chocolate Oreo on the other hand, is closest to our Mint (55) color. It's a few shades less bright with more green in it. This is a really hard color to match. The green M&Ms are somewhere between on Apple Green (63) shade and our Yellow Green (64) shade. I woulkd say it's closer to our Yellow Green (64), though.

In the next photo, we compare our greens next to a cucumber, a ripe green bell pepper, and a green birthday candle.

The green bell pepper is actually close to our Apple Green  (63) color. It's darker and greener by a few shades. The cucumber is close to our Forest Green (60) color, but it's less dark by a few shades. You can certianly see mroe green in the vegetable's skin than in the vinyl spot. As for the birthday candle, I would say the green stripes are solidly between our Moss Green (62) and our Kermit (61). Kermit (61) is certainly darker, but has more blue in the green shade than Moss Green (62) has. Moss Green (62) has more yellow in it and is less dark. The stripes on the candle are darker than Moss Green (62), but not as dark as Kermit (61). The stripes have more "blue" to them than the Moss Green (62) color, but not as much as Kermit (61). 

In the image above, we have all the items together for comparison. Unfortunately, matching to our Celadon (494), Olive(493), and Key Lime Pie (495) is rather difficult. We didn't really find any items close to those colors. However, from seeing them in person, I can tell you that Olive (493) is actually really close to the green color of a pimento olive. Key Lime Pie (495) is also close to the pale interior color of (you guessed it) a key lime pie. I don't have photos of these, though. Sorry! I can't think of anything close to our Celadon (494) color, sadly.

I really hope this helps explain our green shades a little better. Just so you know, Beautiful Wall Decals always offers free shipping.  A free practice design and installation tool is also included with every order! We also just started offering international shipping for just $15.00...and it's free if you order over $75 worth of product in an order! For all of our international fans out there, it's a great deal!

Don’t forget that our customer service staff are available via e-mail (info@beautifulwalldecals.com) to help you out with your trickiest decal problems! Remember… your walls should make you smile! 

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