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Color Closeup- Our Browns

Color Closeup- Our Browns
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Synopsis: In the second of our 12 color closeups, we're taking a look at our browns! Ever wanted to know what our browns look like in person? Don't have time for color samples? Look no further! Inside, we explain all of our brown shades!

WARNING: This blog contains such deliciously unhealthy comparison items that you may be inspired to cheat on your diet! However, if you are anything like me and don’t know the meaning of the term “gaining weight”, I can say from personal experience that these foods make a yummy breakfast! But enough of my bad influence, here are our long-awaited browns!

In this sugar-filled comparison, we used two Hershey’s bars (left is milk chocolate, right is cookies ‘n cream). I love this image because you can see how gorgeous and dark that our Chocolate #80 color really is. Chocolate #80 is actually our second most popular color after Black #70 and it can definitely be seen why in this example. Linen #82 matches almost identically with the “creamy white” color of the bar on the right. The difference between Latte #81 and Linen #82 can plainly be seen here, as well.

When comparing our browns to the chocolate milk above, it can be seen in Latte #81 a much lighter shade of brown –much like an actual latte- it has a (excuse my wordplay) “milkiness” to it. Keep in mind that our Terracotta #83 is not nearly this red. The lighting went kind of funky in this comparison. It is closer to a clay-like brown-red color.

The last item we compared –but the first food I ate that day- is a particularly delicious pumpkin pie. Not only was this pie perfect, but the colors look true and fabulous in this comparison. This is my personal favorite image of the Terracotta #83 color. The almost orange-y look of it can be seen. The Linen #82 also looks great because you can see how light it is, yet still tan.

I hope this blog helped you in your quest to find the perfect shade of brown. If you want to order color samples so that you can see them in person, order them here: http://www.beautifulwalldecals.com/color-sample-card.html . You also can get a working sample on that form. You get a $5.00 gift certificate just for ordering color samples from us, so it’s win-win!

Just so you know, Beautiful Wall Decals always offers free shipping.  A free practice design and installation tool is also included with every order! Don’t forget that our customer service staff are available via e-mail (info@beautifulwalldecals.com) to help you out with your trickiest decal problems!

Remember… your walls should make you smile! 

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