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Blogger Review- Together is a Wonderful Place to be

Blogger Review- Together is a Wonderful Place to be
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Synopsis: This blogger revamped their fireplace area not only with paint, but also a stunning decal!
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When we moved into our house last December every single wall was stark white.  Until a few weeks ago they were all dingy white from my kiddos handprints etc.  This fall I’m ready to transform the interior of our home with new paint.  I started with the most noticeable area of our home — the wall above the fireplace.  I wanted a dramatic change so I went with an accent wall in a dark chocolate brown.  The inset I painted a dark grey.  After several coats of paint I was pretty happy with the result:

Photo Oct 12, 4 59 16 PM

Awhile back I came across I quote that I really liked.  I wrote it down because I knew I’d need it again one day.  The quote was “Together is a wonderful place to be”.  I thought it would be great for an area where family gathers — for us, it’s the living room and I found the perfect wall decal at BeatifulWallDecals.com.  They use the highest quality vinyl available and are cut, not printed so they look painted on the wall instead of having a clear background.  They have several thousand product to choose from and the color selection is amazing.  You choose the size, color and customization, if any.  Shipping is FREE on any order size in the United States and comes with a free decal to practice with.

There is an installation video on the website and I watched it a couple of times before starting.  I have a tendency to screw up things like this but I was determined to get it right.  Things started out alright.  I taped the design to the wall approximately where I wanted it and used a level to get it straight.  Then I lifted it up and slowly peeled off the backing.  It was going pretty well until I got to the top where I had it taped, I could have used an extra set of hands but my hubby wasn’t home.  The whole thing came un-taped and I had to improvise.  I can tell it’s slightly uneven my my husband says he can’t tell.

Photo Oct 12, 7 17 27 PMPhoto Oct 12, 5 02 07 PM

 Overall, the process is fairly easy but I do advise having a little help, especially if your decal is long like mine was.  I think it looks good but wonder if I should have gotten a little bit larger size for the space I put it in.

Check out all of the great designs at BeautifulWallDecals.com and stay connected:

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