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Blogger Review- Laptop Decals!

Blogger Review- Laptop Decals!
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Synopsis: If you are curious about our decals on laptops, this blog is for you!
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This is my daughter's computer.  I decided to let her choose this time.  I figured it would do her some good to decide what she wanted to put on her computer as a skin type.  Yes, wall clings work great for computers, walls, mirrors, autos, fish tanks (the outside) and many other things including the furniture that needs to be redone due to paint issues or aging.
This is the left side of the key board and mouse.
This is the right side of the keyboard and mouse.
These are very easy to apply with a straight edge piece of plastic (or the included installation tool).  Be sure that it's not got any of the jagged little pieces before you start to apply.

This was the final and ultimate finish piece with the wall clings.  Her black dell computer became a really neat looking fairy with fairy magic and a bird.  I'm really amazed at how this turned out.  And we even put one little star on the bird.  You'll have to click the photo to enlarge to see it a bit better.  

Honestly, I don't think this could had turned out any differently than the really expensive skins that people pay for.
I'm really impressed.
Here is a LINK to the design on their website.
Below you'll find the links to the company that we got these from.  I highly recommend visiting and following their social pages.  Discounts are great and this is the only way to get them.
facebook page:  www.facebook.com/beautifulwalldecals 
Pinterest: pinterest.com/beautifulwalldecals 
Google+ https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/108010268316780601156/108010268316780601156/posts/p/pub

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