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Blogger Review- "Family Is" Photo Collage

Blogger Review- "Family Is" Photo Collage
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Synopsis: Wow- if you are looking to create a stunning photo collage wall this blog is for you!

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Peanut Butter & Whine

I’m sure everyone in Vista, California could hear my squeals of delight when I finished our wall today!! In our dining-room I’ve designed a family photo wall. Everything from our kids when they were younger to the grandbabies. From my Grandparents, my family growing up to drawings and paintings done by my kids. I LOVE this wall.  Granted, it’s not for a lot of people because it is a very busy wall. BUT it makes me smile. It is my favorite wall in the house!! Today, it’s even BETTER THAN ever!!!  Thank you SO MUCH Beautiful Wall Decals for allowing me this amazing opportunity to review your wall decals!!! This decal is called Family Is Subway Art. Within an hour, I had cut, placed and applied my decals to the wall, then stood back and squealed with delight!! 

Below is a photo collage/slideshow of the before, after and in between during the installation process. If you cannot view it please visit the bloggers actual review HERE. It is so cool! 

Beautiful Wall Decals uses the highest quality vinyl available on the market. The decals are cut, not printed, so they look painted on my wall!!  These are stunning!! I couldn’t be more thrilled with my Family Picture Wall if I tired!! There is no clear backing, just perfect decals that look like the words are painted on the wall!!

With several thousand products to choose from, there is truly something for everyone!! Because I’m a funny, FUNNY, FUNNY GIRL I need to personalize (Ohhhh yes, did I mention that you can customize your design??? Yea… they do that!!) So, as I was saying, I plan to order a Beautiful Wall Decal that says “RANDY’S MAN CAVE” and put it over the door way to the kitchen. AM I a FUNNY B*#@#!! OR WHAT?!?!?! 

Shipping is free everywhere in the United States on any size order, and they include a free decal in every order to practice with. I received 3 bronze color birds that I sprinkled through out the Family Photo Wall. LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!! Installation, SUPER easy!!  Printed instructions are enclosed, but the video found on their site was even more helpful.  One step that I would suggest is: after using the tool (that is enclosed with your order) to smooth the decal on the wall, go back over with a rag and apply pressure. I had absolutely NO problems with my decals. No pieces that didn’t adhere. Just smooth, easy installation. ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!!!
For personal preference I don’t think I should have gone with a tomato red for the FAMILY IS part. I should have ordered it in a black.  But, on the up side I get to add something in tomato red at the other end of the wall. Win win!!   
In case you want this same decal, I ordered “Family Is Subway Art” in 25.6″ x 15″.  I specified Tomato Red for the color choice of the Family Is… and black for the remaining words. $44.99 and Free Shipping!! (With no minimum order!) SWEEEEET!!!!!!! Worth every single cent!! 
I am beyond THRILLED!!!  Next I plan on this decal for the Grandkids Art Wall!!! LOVE this!! It’s on sale right now for $24.99!! 
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I am 1000% thrilled with the quality, workmanship and design of my Family Is Subway Art decal from Beautiful Walls Decals. I give them 2 very enthusiastic and happy thumbs WAY WAY UP!!! 
I’d love to hear what your favorite Beautiful Wall Decal is!!

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