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Blogger Review- Birds and Birdcage Decal

Blogger Review- Birds and Birdcage Decal
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Synopsis: Our birds and cage decal is one of our best sellers- see what this blogger did with the one they got

Below is a review done by a blogger, you can read their original writeup HERE

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I love home decor, decorating, wall decals – the whole nine yards. I have just always loved things like that as well as organizing. Yea, call me weird, it’s just how I’ve always been. Well there’s a nice site that make some adorable wall decals that I just had to share with you and they’re reasonably priced at that. They’re called Beautiful Wall Decals, which of course is a very fitting name if you check out the products they have on hand. I was allowed to pick a decal of my choice from their site for $50 or less and that was enough to pick out a piece that I loved: Curly Branch & Birds Wall Decal.

Curly Branch & Birds Wall Decals

About Beautiful Wall Decals

Beautiful Wall Decals is an online retailer specializing in what else but wall decals! They’re a newer company founded in June of 2012 and their decals are mare right here in the USA! You can expect to find Wall Decals, Vintage Wedding Prints, Personalized Wall Art, and a whole lot of awesomeness.

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Curly Branch & Birds Wall Decals

My Thoughts

As I said I chose the design that I wanted and that would work best in our home. The decals arrived carefully packaged and with all the materials I needed to place them on the wall – the little pink piece which helps smooth it on and the decals themselves. That’s it. It also has instructions for those of you who aren’t familiar with decals. Of course I’ve worked with my fair share of decals so I was ready to go. I took my stuff out and got to work. This design comes in a kit with a main branch, several smaller branches, some loose leaves, a cage, and a hanging string all in one color, and three accent birds in a second color. You get to position the pieces however you like, and you can even order the branch aiming right or left (right is shown in the picture). The kit comes on a sheet that is 23 tall by 14 wide, the cage measures 11 tall by 9 wide, and the branch is 22″ long.

From past experience I find it’s easiest to cut the pieces as you go, rather than trying to keep them all on that one large printed sheet. So for instance I would cut out the main branch, apply it, then cut out the next piece to apply, etc. Basically you just peel the backing off, stick it to the wall, smooth it on with the piece it comes with so that way it sticks, peel the other layer off and it’s done. It took me about 20-30 minutes total to put this piece up. It’s simple, but slightly time consuming just because of the pressing it and smoothing it to the wall – which literally it’s like when you have to rub a wet rag over a temporary tattoo for it to stick, but no water or wet rag, just the same general idea.

Anyway, when all was said and done I loved how my decal came out. They look great, and they go perfectly over our cats play/scratch post area! The decals I find were high quality, easy to apply and they didn’t rip or tear during the application process. It’s been several days and it’s still holding up on the wall with no display of coming off. The best part is when we move we can easily take them down, stick them on some wax paper for temporary stay, then re-apply them in our new home. They don’t leave any marks or residue on the walls so guess what apartment people? You can enjoy the wall decals as well! Needless to say I had a great experience with Beautiful Wall Decals. They have great products, a great staff, and great pieces to choose from at affordable rates. I would definitely purchase from them again in the future as well as recommend them for anyone looking to bring out their home a bit!

Curly Branch & Birds Wall Decals

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